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We stand with our friends and family in Ukraine.

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Maryka's Treasures

  1. Canadian Pride
    Ми Kанадійці

  2. Butterfly

  3. God is Good
    Бог дуже добрий

  4. Borshch with a Capital B
    Борщ з буквою Б

  5. The Princess & the Prince
    Була собі Царівна

  6. Children Grow So Fast
    Моя доня, мій синочок

  7. Harmony in the Family
    Де згода в родині

  8. Our Father Calls
    Кличе Господь

  9. Wise John
    Мудрий Iван

  10. Ukrainian Dance Melody
    Український танець

  11. What can I do?
    Чим віддячу за любов?

  12. Instruments Ring
    Музиканти, грайте

  13. Praise God
    Величаймо Господа

  14. Jesus Says Come
    Iсус кличе тебе

  15. We Celebrate


At Bloor Street Festival, Toronto, Canada.

Children with Maryka throughout locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, & Ontario.

Princess and the Prince at Toronto Bloor Street Festival.

Ukrainian Folk Songs sung at Ukrainian Heritage Village near Edmonton.

Wise John and the Crocodile St. Joseph the Worker School Children.



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