The Chabluk Family

The Chabluk Family Bill & Maryka Chabluk with their children, Katrusia, Mikhas and Ivas would travel from Winnipeg to Regina to celebrate Easter. The family van became the rehearsal “booth.” for liturgical and folk songs. They perform with Hoosli Male Chorus, Koshetz Choir and Melos Folk Ensemble. Check out their other Ukrainian recordings with Duet Maryna, Molodtsi Dance Band and Zrada.

Chabluk Family donates recording proceeds to Home of Hope – Ukraine

The Home of Hope was established as a safe house to save teenage girls from traffickers. The ownership of the House was given to the Sisters’ Servants of Mary Immaculate for the sole purpose of saving orphan girls who had to leave the Orphanages at age 16. Presently there are 22 girls living at the home.
The annual Home of Hope Breakfast has been organized by the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada – Manitoba region for the past six years. Their efforts help the Sisters’ Servants of Mary Immaculate Home of Hope ministry in Lviv, Ukraine. For the past six years the event has raised a total of over $100,000. The support generated from this event helps the Sisters with the day-to-day operations of the home that ensures the girls can receive an education and develop life skills. Every story is filled with tragedy and most of those that come to the Home, experience a transformation.
Maryka Chabluk introducing her family’s latest CD release with proceeds to the Home of Hope. The Chabluk family, Maryka and Bill, with their children, Katrusia, Mikhas, Ivas and friends Scott Chabluk, Myron Burdiniuk and Julian Burdiniuk, sang Alleluia and Otche Nash, and the Lord’s Prayer to open the event.