Maryka’s Treasures

Great to learn Ukrainian and English vocabulary with accompanying music that makes learning fun with and accompanying activity book full of songs, games and puzzles. Excellent for classrooms and home learning.

Ships out within 2 days

01 Canadian Pride

02 Butterfly

03 It_s Gotta Be Borscht

04 God is a Good God

05 Princess _ the Prince

12 Instruments Ring

13 Praise God

Listen to sound clips below.


At Bloor Street Festival, Toronto, Canada.
Children with Maryka throughout locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, & Ontario.
Princess and the Prince at Toronto Bloor Street Festival.
Ukrainian Folk Songs sung at Ukrainian Heritage Village near Edmonton.
Wise John and the Crocodile St. Joseph the Worker School Children.
Ukrainian Princess and Prince Царівна та Царевич
Ukrainian Borshch with a Capital B



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